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Delight the family with family Vacation Packages to Maldives

Blue skies, blue waters, rich green islands... welcome to Maldives! There's no place like Maldives to cheer the heart and mind. If you are looking for family getaway, you are just a click away from finding the best family vacation packages for the Maldives.

Lastminute Maldives specializes in finding the most attractive family vacation packages for the Maldives. The best part about us is that, our extensive network of resorts makes it easy for us to negotiate the best family vacation packages even at the very last minute. Depending on your period of stay, your choice of features in a hotel, resort or luxury cruise, we endeavour to get you family vacation packages that allow you to save and have fun to the maximum.

Pocket-friendly family vacation packages

It is hard to find such a marriage of tranquillity characteristic of isolated places and the luxury and convenience of city life as is found on the Maldives. While on the one hand, you can unwind under the shade of breezy palms, you can also head out to the sea for some fun and adventure. The clear, blue waters lapping up coral reefs - in parts calm and otherwise billowy - invite a variety of water-sports. Your family vacation packages will come with snorkelling, scuba-diving, parasailing, canoeing and more. These are the favourite indulgences of pleasure-seekers. At Maldives you always get more out of family vacation packages than you'd ever anticipate.

Family vacation packages to Maldives year-round

About 80% of the resort islands are within the ambit of our business connections, along with premier hotels and cruise ships. All you need is to make up your mind about the kind of family vacation packages you'd like.

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