Maldives Honeymoon

Maldives Honeymoon

Choosing your honeymoon location is not easy. But then again would you not spend the rest of your days with your loved one in Paradise?

There’s only one way to attain the unattainable, Paradise on earth. The Maldive Islands is probably as close as it gets. The gentle lapping of the sea right out your door step or right under you ( if you choose a water bungalow), the soft fine sandy beaches the clear skies and last but not least the crystal clear waters and the swaying palms that bring you the gentle breeze.

Privacy is not a question but rather a necessity in our view. All Maldivian Resorts are built on individual islands and the number of guest bungalows are limited to ensure no overcrowding.

Most Maldivian Resort Hotels offer special packages for honeymooners.

Now the question remains, so many paradise islands which one do you choose?

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