Scuba Diving Holidays in Maldives

Scuba Diving Holidays in Maldives

If you enjoy scuba diving, you cannot miss out Maldives. If you love diving, enough to follow your heart to any end of the earth, you must visit the south-eastern Indian Ocean for your scuba diving holidays. Warm, tropical waters holding a wealth and variety of underwater marine life - it is a heady mix and not many who come to take their scuba diving holidays in the Maldives, can help coming back again and again.
The coral-reefed scenery of Maldives makes for visually delightful scuba diving holidays. Its multi-shaded blue, crystal-clear waters abound in the most amazing sea-life you've ever seen or thought existed! The frisky, technicolor wonders of the sea will leave you mesmerized and wanting more scuba diving holidays in Maldives.

Gaze at a coral wonderland in your scuba diving holidays

There's more to scuba diving holidays in the Maldives other than the visual feast of its multi-colored sea life. Though inanimate, famous ship wrecks far out in the sea of Maldives are popular sites for scuba divers. Then you can go for wilderness diving, night diving and even feed the sharks if you prefer. Each resort has dive centers, which are run by PADI qualified dive instructors.

Thousands come on scuba diving holidays to the Maldives

Maldives is a garland of 1200 islands, which have materialized from the corals that its coasts abound in. About 100 islands have grown to full-fledged resorts to accommodate the huge number of tourists who come for their scuba diving holidays and also to just laze around in complete seclusion and in total luxury.
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